Sikhism words

Akhand Path - Recitation of the entire Guru Granth Sahib (holy book)
Amrit - Baptism
Anand Karaj - Sikh wedding
Ardas - Common prayer of the Sikhs
Baja - Harmonium
Chakkar - A circle at the centre of the Sikh emblem
Chauri- A whisk that is waved above the holy book while the Sikh scriptures are read.
Diwali - The festival of light
Duppatta - The long scarf women wear to cover their head
Gurdwara - Temple, 'The Golden temple and The MK temple
Guru - means teacher and refers to the Ten Gurus
IK onkar - means God as one
Jorri - Another name for tabla, pair of drums
Karah Parshad - A sweet dish distributed to devotees at a religious ceremony
The five K's of Khalsa - Five articles of faith
Khalsa Names - Singh means Lion for men and Kaur means Princess for women
Khanda - A two edged sword used in Baptism
Kirtan -The singing of hymns from Guru Granth Sikhs
Langer - Free community kitchen
Mardanda - Name of Guru Nanak Dev Ji friend
Nam Karan Ceremony - The ceremony where a new born is named, taken from the Holy book
Nankana Sahib -The birth place of Guru Nanak, presently in Pakistan
Nishan Sahib - Name given to a tall flag post covered in saffade material
Panj Pyaras -The Beloved Five
Raga - A hymn tune a musician sings
Roomalas -Covering for the Holy book
Sanskrit - The ancient language of India
Shabad -A hymn from the Holy book
Sri-Guru Granth Sahib - Holy book
Turban -Worn by Sikh men on their heads
Vaisakhi - When Guru Gobind Singh initiated the Khalsa
Waheguru - The wonderful master
Wak - A line or sentence of the Shabad
Ten Guru's Golden Temple MK Temple Holy Book The Guru's Prayer
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