The Five Beloved Ones

At the Ramgarhia Sabha Sikh Temple, we celebrated Vaisakhi on 13th April 2000. Pictured left are the five beloved ones in the tradional dress of khalsa. Each sikh is baptised and dressed in bright saffron yellow robes and are wearing blue Turbans.
My name is Mandy. I’m 18 years old and I was born in Britain. Today’s date is the 30th October 2000.
Vaisakhi, the traditional dress of the Sikhs for five beloved ones is white. They wear a blue turban and a yellow scarf. The turban and scarf are blue and yellow as these are the colours of the Khalsa. The traditional dress is white as white is a pure colour. They each hold a sword and begin to sing a holy song. Everyone bows their heads and holds their hands praying for a year of happiness and peace. Every year the 'Sikh Nishan Sahib' beloved take the flag down. The local community and other visitors join in to celebrate this Vaisakhi event. The flag is washed with milk and yoghurt and then re-hoisted with a new orange fabric, which is covered and then tied up from top to bottom. The old covers are cut up and taken home as souvenirs. The conjuration then shouts Waheguru, the youngsters and adults recite hymns from the holy book while others play the harmonium and tabla.

Diwali is a colourful festival where everyone dresses up in new clothes. We light candles and bring gifts for the Guru, such as sweets, food and money. We also bring another gift which is a Roomala which is used to cover the holy book. We celebrate Diwali because of our sixth Guru Hargobind. Guru was imprisoned by the Muslim emperor which ruled India. Who at the time disliked Sikh’s. Guru released everyone welcomed him with lighting candles and lights. His mother especially ordered sweets and food to be given to everyone. The worshippers then sang hymns about how Guru Hargobind fought for religious freedom. In India the golden temple at Amritsar is lit with tiny rows of lights and candles floating along.

In our community hall volunteers prepare food for everyone in the gurudwara (a temple). Then everyone comes to eat in the Langer hall. On this eventful day we have a grand firework display. There is such a joy in taking part in Diwali as we all get to remember all the reasons why our Guru is so important to us. We receive sweets, new clothes and we get to look at all the new firework displays. I get to see all my friends and relatives. I love the fireworks as they light up the whole sky and makes it really beautiful and colourful. This is a new beginning of our New Year.
Everyone is welcome to the Gurdwara temple in MK. The programme is held from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. every Sunday. Followed by lunch which is held in Langer hall.

There is a programme held for children and adults at the temple. Music classes take place and also classes in tabla and harmonium lessons. Punjabi classes are run on Friday evenings.

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