The Nishan Sahib,Vaisakhi on 13th April 00

The Vaisakhi celebration, photogaphed left, was held at the Ramgaria Sabha Sikh Community Centre in Milton Keynes on the 13th April 2000. Devotees arrived at the Temple to take away the old triangular shaped Nishan Sahib flag and re cover it with new coverings.

Every year Sikhs get together to celebrate Vaisakhi and people bring gifts, like new yellow coverings for the pole.

Once the old flag is taken down, the flag pole is washed with yoghurt, water and dye. A new triangular flag, made of Saffron fabric, is then hung to re cover a very tall flag pole. During the event, holy songs about the ten Guru's, are sung and five beloved ones stand amongst the people, blessed with holy water 'Amrit'.
At the temple (Gurdwara), the Nishan Sahib flag (chola) is re- hoisted. Later, the year old flag is cut up and given to the devotees
as souvenirs to take home during which the devotees shout, 'Waheguru ! Waheguru !'
Pictured left are children singing from the Music Kirtan programme. In the temple, children and adults sit in front of the Sangat next to the holy book. The children speak in their mother tongue (punjabi) and recite shabds. They also sing hymns about the ten Guru's and learn to play the Harmonium (Baja) and the Tabla ( Jorri). Adults and other devottees join them.
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