In India Vaisakhi celebration started in 1699, when Gurn Gobined Singh initiated the Khalsa (five Sikhs). Guru was the tenth and last human Guru of the Sikhs. Guru Gobined Singh had come out in front of a congregation of thousands and with his sword, drawn, demanded to know if anyone was prepared to give their heads to him. The congregation was startled why was Guruji asking for heads? Were they prepared to die for him? Again, Guruji repreated the question. At first no one came forward. On the third demand a Sikh stood up.
He approached the Guru and offered his life to him. Guruji seized him by the arm and led him into the tent. The crowd were frighten of what Guruji was doing in the tent.
Five Sikhs accepted the Guru’s request and were led away into the tent that had been erected. Each time the Guru came back from the tent, the people throught, he had killed the Sikhs inside.
The Guru then brought out the five Sikhs, they were all dressed identically and the Guru then initiated them into the Khalsa (known as the Five Beloved ones).

History of Sikhism.

Vaisakhi is a colourful festival, Which is remembed each year throughtout India and in Great Britain on April 13th 2000.

The flag is coloured yellowish-orange, which are Khalsa colours and blue. Outside every gurdwara the flag flies.

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