Golden Temple, Amritsar

A City in North India, Amritar sited in the punjab. Founded in the year 1577 A D by Guru Ram Dass, Amritsar was first known as Ramdaspura.
Why the pool of nectar?

The pool of nectar,which means pond at Amritsar, has many stories of miracles and wonders attached to it. This is a story about a Wealth King, who had seven daughters. Raja Duni Chand, (the King ) was flattered by his daughters, once he asked his daughters one by one:-

"Who, on the earth, is one who provides you with food?" All but one said with one voice. "It is none else but you, it is none else but your Father who fed us".

His youngest daughter, did not agree with the Father Rajni. "God, who feeds all feeds me too Father" replied to him. Her Father was angry with this reply. Duni Chand married her off to a leper. A leper is one who whole body is affected with blisters all over, Rajni accepted him as her God and carried him place to place under construction. Rajni left her husband one side of the pool under the shade of a berry tree, went away to beg for something to feed her hungry husband. Rajni moved away, her husband saw a strange thing taking place on the water of the pool. He saw that the crows came flying and dipped into crystal water of the pool and the crows colour had changed. Their blackness was gone and they turned into shining white as swans. The disabled husband was surprised with this miracle. He watched this sight and gave him an idea. He thought the pool had a division power in those waters. With this idea in mind the crippled reached the water of the pool. He dipped himself into the water and his whole disease was gone. He was a handsome and healthy man. Rajni returned, she was horrified to see her crippled husband absent. She thought the handsome man had killed her husband. She said "where is my husband?". The young man told her what had happened and assured her that himself was her husband. Rajni wanted proof - the husband had kept his smallest finger above the water whilst dipping in the pool. He showed her the finger which still had blisters on. She was still not convinced.

Guru Ram Das ji, who was the knower of all truths. The couple reached the Guru, he knew the reality of all the mysteries, said to Rajni "my child, the young man is your husband" who was a leper before. God has rewarded your faith and patience.

At Amritsar, the berry tree was named "Dukh Bhanjani Berry", (trouble healing berry). Thousands of devotees take a holy dip in the pool of nectar near the berry tree and get relief of their diseases.

Guru Ram Dass and his disciples completed the framework for the new pilgramage centre. Hari Naam or the name of God, finally completed by Guru Arjan Dev, son and successors to Guru Ram Dass. Guru Arjan Dev decided to build the central place of worship for the sikhs. The Harimandir in the middle conceived combining both the spiritual and temporal aspects to represent the a new synthesis of Indian thought. Guru Arjan wanted the Golden Temple to be open to everybody built the temple with four doors, one on each side instead of the usual single entrance. Guru wanted people to get away from the idea that one group was better than another. When you enter the temple you have to go down not up. Reminds one they have to be humble when you think about God and pray to him. The Harmindir Sahib was completed in 1604 AD. The first copy of the scriptures, the Sri-Guru-Granth Sahib, was placed inside.

The Golden Temple is built of marble and stands in the centre of the nectar pool. The great dome and the upper walls are covered in gold leaf, which is how the Temple got its name. A wide causeway crosses pool and leads to the Temple, a walkway on each side and special rest rooms for the pilgrims who come from all over the world. In the pool large fish swim around the Harimandir.
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