Guru Ka Langar & Diwali on 26-10-00

Sikh's light candles at Diwali to remember the bravery of Har Gobind, the sixth Guru. Pictured left are photographs of adults and childen lighting candles for Diwali taken at the Ramgarhia Sabha Gurdwara Temple in Milton Keynes.
Langar means 'a free community meal' and is served by Sikh devotees. A meal is donated by a family each week and prepared by volunteers. Volunteers help prepare a serving area and dining area for langar in the dining room area.and then served to everyone who visits the Gurdwara temple. Once made the meal is blessed by a priest, then served to all of the devotees. Left over food is usually wrapped and donated to Sikh familys to take home.
Waheguru, Waheguru, Waheguru is said on the day and means Victory is the Lord's!
The dining room is not only where devotees eat Langar it is also where all of the Sikh community work together. Children are able to join in with any of the events taken place in here.
Both men and women volunteers help in the gurdwara kitchen. They prepare the food and clean the gurdwara. This symbolises pure devotion and a commitment to their Guru's. After serving Langar devotees help collect dirty dishes and take them to the kitchen to wash. They will also clean the dining room, serving area and kitchen.
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