Preparing Amrit

Guru Gobind Singhis pictured left preparing Amrit for the first five beloved Sikhs. Amrit (Holy water), is given five times in the cupped hands of each Sikh to drink to convert them into Khalsa. Guru Ji, poured water into a steel bowl (Bata) and began stirring Khanda (the double edged sword). He also recited five holy scriptures which are Japji Sahib, Jaap Sahib, Chaupai, Sudha Swaiaye and Anand Sahib. Afterwards the water turned into Amrit.
Khalsa Names

KHALSA-God's Own
means Lion member of the Khalsa, given to males.
Kaur means princess, name given to a woman .

Guru's wife Mata Sahib Devan Kaur added some sugar into Guru's bowl.
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