Festival of light celebrated on 26-10-00

When devotees enter the gurdwara, they take off shoes and cover their heads before going upstairs.
Diwali celebrated in the gurdwara, the photo shows a priest reading the holy book, and he holds a chauri, which he waves over the book . Before kneeling down towards the holybook you put money into a box.
Musicians playing Kirtan.
Priests singing shabads and poems from the scriptures of the Sri-Guru Granth Sahib.
Change the Roomala.
A new Roomala gift is given by a devoter to the Holy book.The priest changes the roomala, while reading the book.
Karah Parshad a sweet dish distributed to devotees at a religious ceremony. Made from semolina or flour, ghee or butter, the devoter who makes parshad must bathe first and keep their head covered all the time and recite hymns during preparation. Priest crosses it with a Kirpan at the end of Ardas. In a steel bowl, Parshad first offered to God. Then to the devotees.
Gathering room upstairs in the gurdwara M keynes. Devotees sit on the carpeted floor and is covered with white sheets. Sikhs are customary to sit on the floor.
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