Khanda is a double edged sword, picture left- top off page. Khanda means one True God and the two -edged sword stands for God the creator. Guru Gobind Singh gave God the name "All steel".
The second part of the emblem is the Chakkar, which means circle has no end. A ring can also been seen as a fence within the rules of sikh religion and Guru ji, used the sword to recited five holy scriputures. Japi Sabhib, Jjapi Sabhiaap Sahib, Chaup japi Sabhib, Swaiaya and Anand Sahib. Khanda isthe emblem of the khalsa.
The Sikh Turban

In the Gurdwara men cover their head with a turban, or a handkerchief for the Holy book. Material for turban, about five metress long and one metre. To become a Sikh, first time a young men wears turban. In front of the Guru Granth Sahib and the congregation. A Sikh feels honour to wear a turban, to cover uncut hair.


A long scarf Sikh women wear to cover their head with and women are initiated in the same way as men.

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