Guru Nanak Dev Ji (1469-1539)
First Guru

The Original Founder of Sikhims was Guru Nanak born in 1469 at Talwandi (now Nanakana Sahib in Pakistan). He was the first Sikh Guru. His father, Mehta kalu Ram, was charge of villiage landscaler means Patwari. He commanded greatesteem in the court of local duke,Rai Bular. His mother, Tripta was a deeply religious lady.
Guru's sister Nanaki was the elder child and Guru Nanak was named after her.
Before Guru was born, Hindus and Sikhs were being asked to convert himselfs to the Islamic religion. The Islamic Empire insisted that they all convert themseves. He had full force over them. The Muslim leader throughout the Hindus were a low race people and he enslaved them in their own motherland.
Guru was a deeply religious person, from childhood to adult. In his childhood Guru enjoyed singing the hymns of the Lord, accomplish with Mardand (stared player). He would sit in meditation for hours together and recite, the name "true is the creator ".
He travelled throughout the length, and breadth of India to preach his message. Guru ji, walked every where in India for adas,and even slept under a shade of the tree. He always preached that there is one God, but there are different ways to pray for him, he also helped poor people. His teaching have given us the true light for lifehood. Guru Nanak, said there are no Hindus or Muslims from birth.All human beings are good, bad by our actions called (Karams). We are all children of one God and he did away with rituals and idol workshop.
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