'Anand Karaj'-Sikh Wedding

One practice for Sikhs are the wedding ceremony or the 'Anand Karaj', is conduted in the presence of Sri- Guru Granth Sahib.
The couple go around the holy book four stanzas and the man leads,the lady around is
this called Lawan. The priest reads the nuptial hymn and he recites it four times. While
the lawan are being read out the couple goes around Sri- Guru Granth Sahib four times
with each lawan and brothers or uncles support the bride around.
Before the couple leave Karah Parshad is given to them and their guests at the
gurdwara. They give gifts and money to the new couple and celebrate this event with a

Doli (farewell to the bride). Before leaving the bride throws rice in the four corners of her parent's house. Then bridegroom and his family take bride away in the evening before dusk. These days they take her away in a car to their home.

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