"It was a highly organised thing. I remember quite well the best holidays we had if you mean by holidays to be going away on a pleasure trip, if you mean by going away for a month, then we didn’t. We went to Wicksteed which was 25 miles to Kettering, we went to Dunstable Downs which is 22 miles up the old A5 Roman road. If we were daring we went to Hunstanton which was 101 miles or we went to Clacton which was 105, now anything beyond that really was going into space." (Phil Smith)
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Charlie Haynes recalls going to Wicksteed Park in the 1920's as an 8 year old with the chapel. Both the Methodist and Congregationalist chapels shared the same charabanc. He also remembers
"Dad used to take us to Wicksteed Park on a Sunday sometimes, in the afternoon, we had a car , we were very fortunate". Indeed, in those days there were only a few cars in the village.
For the family's summer holiday, they went to Lowestoft because "my Dad used to like Lowestoft" and people used to "stick to one place".
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