Holidays - Past & Present

Holidays what holidays?

Phil Smith (who attended Sherington School between 1931 and 1940)

"Holidays were not in plenty in those days, not because there were no holidays available, although it must be said that they were not then as well organised as they are today. There were no packages or things that we get today, they were mainly day trips. Can you imagine catching a bus, an old Hayfield bus or Bob Westleys bus that would take you to the nearest station which was either Clacton 105 miles away or Hunstanton 101 miles away?"

"Holidays were invariably spent with relatives, if you had an Aunt in Derbyshire or an uncle in Yorkshire you could maybe find 10 shillings to send the kids to stay with them. There were no travel agents or high street shops like today, and certainly no flying like now".

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