Wicksteed Park
Situated 25 miles from Sherington, Wicksteed Park is a very popular destination for people from the village.

Although the land to form the park was originally purchased in 1913, the First World War delayed the opening until 1921.

The park near Kettering, was the idea of Charles Wicksteed. The son of a Unitarian minister, he started his own engineering company, supplying park seats and playground equipment to public parks nationwide. It was his idea to create a safe open space for his workers and other local people to use for leisure.

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Here are a few details of some of the attractions;-

Waterchute (1926) made by Charles Wicksteed & Co. - still popular today.

Rollercoaster (1992) made by Pinfari in Italy.

Cups and Saucers (1989) made by Arm UK in Oxford.

Railway - this was one of Charles Wicksteed's dreams - but he died before it was complete. It is one and a quarter miles long and can carry upto 90 passengers around the lake.There are 3 trains 'Lady of the Lake'(made 1930), 'King Arthur'(made 1933) and 'Cheyenne'(made 1964).

Dodgems (1980) made in France - cars replaced in 1992.

Ferris Wheel made in Blackpool by Lusse Bros. - installed at Wicksteed in 1975.