Aerial Photo of Loughton - Taken in 1997.

Archie's Ballot Papers - An account of the night of November 17th 1884 when Archie Stevens rode into Stony Stratford with the Election Ballot Papers.

Archie's Story - A short biography of Archie Stevens. Listen to a recording of his voice as he recalls Christmas 1874.

Athawes Reverend J T. - He was the Rector of Loughton and the Chairman of the School Board.

Before the School House - Tells where the children were taught before the School was built.

Class Photo 1904 - The older children of 1904 with their teacher. Don Foxley talks about his mother's "Academy".

Construction - Find out what it cost to build the Old School.

Construction of Loughton Manor First School - The building of our modern school.

Contributors - Where the finance to build the Old School came from.

Credits -The people who were involved with the making of this web site.

Flooding - Loughton flooded regularly before the brook was redirected. Eveline remembers the floods in School Lane.

Games Room and Cookery Classes - Lena Grace remembers the men who played billiards and Eveline Miller recalls Miss White's cookery classes.

Gertrude Stevens - A biography of this well-known and popular school teacher.

Memories of Gertrude - Local residents remember their school teacher.

Loughton Manor First School - A look at our modern school.

Loughton Manor Opening Ceremony - An evening of country dancing at the opening ceremony.

Loughton Maps 1900 and 2000 - From rural farming community to new town grid square.

Phoebe Hall - See Phoebe's Certificate for Religious Knowledge.

Princess Chrysanthemum - Peggy Bodley tells about her part in this operetta.

Renovation Work - Photos taken in 1980 when George and June Button renovated the Old School.

School Closure - When the Old School building became too costly to repair it became derelict.

Shenley School - Find out about the connection between the two schools during the First World War.

Sunday School - Eveline and Lena remember the Sunday School, which was held in the Old School.

The Old School Today - The Old School as it looks in the year 2000.

The Teachers - From Ursula Shave in 1869 to Maude Cresswell and Gertrude Stevens in 1915.

A Victorian Experience - The children of Year Two at Loughton Manor experience what life was like for a Victorian child.

Wedding Receptions - Eveline Miller had her wedding reception in the Old School.

The Wells Family - This family lived on The Green and ran a shoe making business.

Walter Wells' school work - Four pages from Walter's school work from 1899 until 1901.

What Board School Children Became - Some interesting occupations were taken up by Board School children. A surprising number became Catsmeat vendors!