The original bill for the National School taken from the Parish Vestry Minutes 1868.

Architectural plans for the School were drawn by Mr W White, FSA, of Wimpole Street, London. The builder was Mr Alfred Hailey. He had previously built The Rectory (later known as Beckett House).

Construction on the School commenced in 1867, and was opened in January 1868 under a certificated schoolmistress, Miss Ursula Shave.

Loughton Village built the school prior to the Forster Act 1870 being passed by Parliament. This Act required local parishes to levy a rate to pay for school places if there were not enough voluntary places for local children.

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With the kind permission of the Buckinghamshire Records Office (Ref. PR137/8/2) and the Rector of Loughton.
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The orignal deeds for the Old School, dated 8th October 1866.
A map showing the location of the land for the school from the Deeds.