Red Lion
History of the Building
The Red Lion is the oldest pub in the village. It was first registered as a pub in 1766 by the landlord Suzannah Watkins. It was built in the 17th century and contains one of three stone staircases to be found in the village. Records indicate that the building was a coaching inn before becoming a pub and the original stable can still be seen today along with the feeding troughs.The thatched roof was tinned during the Second World War to protect the thatch.

The internal structure of the pub has changed considerably over the years. The main entrance was originally at the front of the building but has recently moved to the side. The present day kitchen has replaced a skittle room.

The pub was reputed to have possessed a
snug which was a small room reserved for special guests at the discretion of the landlord.

In 1973-1980 the stable was used as a bar known to the locals as the "Lion's Den". The mangers ,which were attached to the wall, were converted into tables .The end stall had a stable door and a hole was made in the wall to accomodate the bar. This building was frequently used for parties.
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