Red Lion
Landlords Past and Present
The first recording of the building used as a hostelry was in 1766. Below is a list of past landlords up to the present day.
1766 The first landlady Suzannah Watkins holding a license witnessed at the George Inn Northampton by J.P.S Andrew and Bateman.
1772 Thomas Sabin became landlord with a £10 surety provided by Zephaniah Edmunds and on an endorsement by magistrates Ward and Adams.
1789 John Currin was licensee by 1801 catering for a village population of 962.
1826 Martha Bucknall ran the ale house for 21 years and was guaranteed £20 each by William Cooper and Joseph Clarke, both of Crick.
1854 Joseph Cooper succeeded his father William.
1866 John Page was the landlord.
1871 Benjamin Rowley took over the Red Lion.
1874 James Smith became the landlord with a full virtualler's license.
1877 James Page began a 26 year tenancy.
1903 Joseph William Page completed his family's 37 year tenure of the Red Lion.
1909 Walter Watts began his, the longest, occupancy of 34 years (John Currins from 1789 could be longer but records from 1800-1826 are missing).
1943 Jack Watts was the landlord.
1949 Horace Ambrose Higham started a decade's tenancy.
1959 Horace Joseph White initiated a succession of short tenancies.
1965 Graham Charles Scaton Ryan.
1969 Arthur Earnest Newman.
1971 Michael Francis McGawley.
1979 Thomas Henry Marks the nineteeth recorded landlord came to the historic Red Lion. In 1996 PaulThomas Marks and his family moved into the Red Lion and became joint licencee with his father.
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