The Crick Ex-Service Men's Club
The Ex -Service Men's Club is a Victorian gothic building and was built in 1847 as a boys' school.Bequests made by Richard Drayson and other Crick people enabled a number of children to be taught free of charge.During the Second World War the club was used by the Home Guard.

The club was formed in 1923 by Dr.A.G.Smith in the out building of his house"the Cabin."In 1926 it moved to the old school where it continues today.William Kitchen was the first secretary and treasurer and Arthur Bates the first steward.

Dr. Smith was the village doctor for fifty two years. He was the founder member and President of The Ex- Service Men's Club from1920-1952.

Today the club consists of eight committee members with Martin Conopo acting as club secretary.It is affiliated to the C.I.U. - Club and Institute Union and Mrs D. Lewis is the present stewardess. The steward's house, found on the corner of Rectory Close was owned by the club and recently sold due to lack of funds.

The club is opened to members

Monday - Saturday 6p.m. - 11p.m.

Sunday - 6p.m. - 10.30p.m.

A wide range of beers are sold which include: Brew XI, I.P.A, Worthington cream flow , Carling, Guinness, M.& B mild ,Caffrey's and Stella. No food is served.

Pub games play a very important part in the social life of the club.These include skittles,darts and pool. Fund raising events such as Bingo and coffee mornings help to finance local trips for the elderly residents of Crick.
Dr. A. G. L. Smith.
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