Pub Games
People have always gone to pubs to socialize. From the past right up to the present day, games such as cribbage have been played in pubs .

Cribbage first became popular in the early seventeenth century where it was a favourite of gentlemen gamblers. The cribbage board was adapted from an earlier dice game while the rules of play seem to have come from an English game called Noddy.The game uses a peg board to keep track of scores.

People also used to play skittles, darts, cards and dominoes but table skittles was the most popular.

There used to be a skittles room in the Wheatsheaf but that has been replaced with a pool table.

Skittles were also played in the Red Lion; the skittles table was situated where the present day bar is now positioned. The skittles room wasn't very big at all and there used to be a dividing wall. People played darts in the Red Lion and there was a crib school.
Games are no longer played in the Red Lion

There was a full sized snooker table in the Ex - servicemen's club where they played both snooker and billiards.There was also a big rack of tin tubes hanging up which held people's personal snooker cues.

People did not play darts or skittles or cards or any kind of games on Sunday nights.

Dartboard from the Crick Club
Skittles table from Crick Club
Dominoes from the Royal Oak