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1901 Loughton population 371.

1903 The Talbot was sold to Northampton Brewery Co. for £1400. It needed much renovation. William Hines ran the Inn and it had high walls around it. It was a small-holding as well as an ale house and was pretty self-sufficient. There were 35 acres of small holding which included its own dovecote.

Kelly's Directory of Buckinghamshire1903 William Hines ran the Talbot Inn and was assistant overseer and clerk to the Shenley and Loughton School Board.

Kelly's Directory of Buckinghamshire1907 William Bodley owned the Fountain Inn.

The Fountain was a real "spit and sawdust" village pub at this time, with a slaughterhouse adjacent.

William Lynes ran the Talbot, last entry 1911, when it was taken over by his son Charles.

Before WWI the surface of London Road was loose chippings and there was very little traffic. The bulk of the traffic was horses and horse drawn vehicles. The Talbot sign read 'Garage, Petrole and Stabling.

Watch the Talbot sign change over the years to reflect the importance of different modes of transport.

1911 Loughton population was 359.

Kelly's Directory of Buckinghamshire1911 Mrs. Brett lived at Hillcrest, last entry 1924,

Frederick Bodley owned the Fountain Inn, last entry 1920.
Alfred Cartwright is listed as running a laundry. He lived on London Road.

Kelly's Directory of Buckinghamshire1915 Charles Henry Lynes ran the Talbot Inn, but only for 3 or 4 years.
William Charles Wesley is listed as owning the Bell Inn.

Loughton School on School lane was closed in 1915.

1915 Bucks. Standard. Motor cars in collision at Loughton.

1916 There were no cars owned by people living in Loughton. The first car was owned by the people at Shenley Park. The number plate was BD350. (E.R. Foxley)

Kelly's Directory of Buckinghamshire1920 Thomas Garner ran the Talbot Inn, last entry1928.
Charles E. Monk ran the Bell Inn.

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