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1921 Loughton population was 360.

1922 Peggy Bodley born.

Peggy remembers visits to London Road residents with her grandmother in the 1930s.

1923 First bus service arrived in Loughton. It ran on a Friday once a week to Wolverton Market. It picked up in Loughton at 11.00 and came back at 4.15pm. (J. Dolling remembers in his article "Looking Back".)

1924 First tractor owned in Loughton. (J. Dolling)
The horses' supreme status was beginning to be seriously challenged.

1924 Don Foxley born.

Don was born on London Road and has vivid childhood memories of life in Loughton.

Kelly's Directory of Buckinghamshire1924 Frank Baker ran the Fountain Inn.
These were the last entries for Alfred Benbow and David Bodley as shop keepers on London Road.
Edgar Daniels was listed as a motor engineer. He continued in this employment until the 1950s.

Edgar Daniel's garage premises.

George Charles Holt ran the Bell Inn.
Henry Lynes was listed as a dairyman living in London Road until the 1940s.

1927 Frank Daniels born.

Frank has many fascinating tales from his childhood.

1927 Bradwell Road was widened by the Talbot.

1928 The Talbot high wall was demolished to improve visibility at the crossroads. It was replaced by a lower one. The stables were knocked down and the land became a car park.
Edgar Daniels was well established at the garage up the road.

1928 Local police constable PC Hooton who lived opposite the Talbot, was knocked down and killed by an omnibus at the crossroads.

AA man Sid Roberts helped children across the road on their way to school.
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The crossroads were becoming increasingly busy and dangerous.

After WWI , heavy loads pulled by steam engines ran up and down London Road. They used to fill up with water at the spring outside the Fountain.

During the late 1920s the Talbot stabling sign was removed and 'Petrol' was spelt correctly.

Large steam driven vehicles regularly used the route.

Kelly's Directory of Buckinghamshire1928 Mrs Howes lived at Hillcrest (until about the 1950s).
Alfred Benbow was listed as wheelwright.
Albert Ernest Higgs ran the Bell Inn, last entry 1931.

The Bell Inn had a distinctive curved Dutch roof.

Jas. Alfred Plumbwas listed as owning the Fountain Inn.
Pereval Edgar Purchase was the butcher.
Mrs. Mabel Ada G Smith ran the refreshment rooms based at the Talbot. She was there until the 1950s, being joined in management by William Arthur Spittle some time before 1939.These refreshment rooms did a roaring trade and in the early 1950s residents would regularly be inundated with buses and coaches going between London and the Midlands. The vehicles could be parked bumper to bumper all along London Road and along Bradwell Road as far as the Memorial Hall. (Frank Daniels)

1929 The Foxley family moved to Salisbury House.

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