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Introduction to London Road Introduction
Time Line Time Line
Residents of Loughton Residents
London Road Landmarks Landmarks
From the Fire Station to the Talbot - "Starting at the fire station end, where the allotments and adjacent houses now are, was the site of the 48 Cafe..."read on>>

The Talbot -"Coming down the road to the Talbot - it was an old coaching inn. Being halfway between London and Birmingham..."read on>>

The Crossroads - "Where the roundabout is by the fire station was quite a dip, and with the turning into the cafe..." read on>>

Co-op and Other Shops - "The Co-op - I think the date is on it, and it also has the logo WIPS..." read on>>

The Fountain - "The Fountain Inn is a nice old thatched inn today, but it was not thatched in 1920s. It had a corrugated iron roof..." read on >>

The New Road - "The flyover - in the1930's there was very high unemployment - Government started a programme of road improvements..." read on>>

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