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Coming down the road to the Talbot - it was an old coaching inn. Being halfway between London and Birmingham it was a convenient stop for buses. It had a very large tea room and was a scheduled stop for Midland Red from Birmingham and Standerwicks coaches from Preston/Manchester. If you wanted, you could catch a bus to London there, no problem.

At the weekends there was lots of sporting traffic at weekends - coaches going to Wembley on Saturday mornings. From about 9 unil 11, the village was awash with coaches all the way from London Road, down the other end towards the Fountain, out towards The Green and the other way to Church End.

All stopped for cup of tea, then on to Wembley. Not so many called back in the evening, some called about 7.00 pm - maybe stayed on late, stayed until closing time, some of them. That was beforethe M1 opened, but after the war.

What is now the bar that was all one big tea room. We called in - we lived at Shenley Brook End - Sunday evening, we walked what was Osier Lane - along by The Beams Restaurant and Burnt Oak, came up to the A5, past The Fountain, had a lemonade in Talbot, walked back through Shenley Church End, that was our summer evening walk. When I was older I went in there, drinking , the alcohol part was where the restaurant is now - two small rooms. But the main part was the big tea room.
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