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London Road, Loughton, a quiet village street at the start of the 20th Century; part of the new city of Milton Keynes by the century's end. Here it is remembered by residents born or brought up in London Road; and you can see the transformation brought about by a century of massive change.

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London Road in 1968 looking North past the Talbot pub.
The Clutch Club team would like to thank all those past and present residents of Loughton who have helped us with the research for this site, in particular:
Frank Daniels
Don & Wynne Foxley
Angela Bowen
Chris & Roger Smith
Dorothy Ebbs
Trevor Wells
Jean Ebbs
Derek & Anne Stainsby
Olive Foxley & her late husband Mac
Thanks also go to:

our mentor Pam Weston,
Loughton Middle School
Loughton Manor Clutch Club Team
The CLUTCH Help Team at the OU and at the Living Archive

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