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National Route for 2000 Years London Road is situated half way between Fenny Stratford and Stony Stratford in Milton Keynes. It marks the boundary between the parishes of Loughton to the east and Shenley to the West. Mid way along its length London Road is crossed by Bradwell Road which joins these two villages. For centuries London Road has been part of the national thoroughfare from London to the north west of Britain. During their occupation of Britain the Romans built Watling Street linking London to Chester.

Since then the route has retained its national importance, becoming a turnpike road in the 18th century and being designated as a national route, the A5, in the 20th century.

Loughton Crossroads, 1881 Loughton Crossroads 1881
Inns, and other services The presence of the road has encouraged the development of services catering for travellers. There have been inns along this stretch of road for over 500 years and by 1900 4 were in existence the Bell, the Talbot, the Plough and the Fountain.

With the development of motorised travel, facilities such as garaging and petrol sales followed. Meanwhile shops and other businesses provided services for the local community.

London Road has also provided housing of various styles and ages. Many people who were born or brought up in London Road still live locally.
The Past 100 Years During the 20th century the traffic flow along the A5 increased and in the mid 1950's a new section of road was built running parallel to London Road but at raised level. 25 years later the A5 was re-routed again a mile further east. In addition the villages of Loughton and Shenley have lost their rural situation, having become absorbed into the new city of Milton Keynes. By the final decade of the 20 century few travellers were stopping en route to the North, but the demand for more houses was increasing.

These events have changed the character of London Road from a main route through the North Buckinghamshire countryside to a residential street within a growing suburban area.




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