Motor Cars in Collision at Loughton

A Serious Accident

An alarming and very serious motor smash occurred at Loughton just before six o'clock on Tuesday evening, May 25, which resulted in a lady sustaining three fractured ribs, whilst one of the cars was totally disabled. A heavy motor lorry belonging to Messrs. Lyons and Co., and driven by Edmund White of Hammersmith, was stationary by the side of the road at the bottom of Down Hill, a quarter of a mile to the north of the village. The object the driver had in stopping was to take water from a stream by the raodside. Another light car driven by Mr. Emil Brinkman, a manufacturer's agent, of 26 and 27 Hatton Gardens, who was travelling from London and was accompanied by a lady, collided with the rear of the stationary lorry. The force of the impact was so great that the near side of Mr Brinkman's car was splintered and bent in many fantastic shapes. The lady riding with him received very serious injuries, and had to be treated for three broken ribs by Dr. Ross of Stony Stratford. She was also badly bruised about the body. It would seem that when approaching the heavy lorry Mr. Brinkman could see another motor car coming down the hill towards him. He thought he would have ample room to pass between it and Messrs. Lyons' car, but this he found outside the range of possibility. Applying his brakes with full force he tried to avoid an accident, but unhappily without success. His car skidded and in a moment had collided with the heavy lorry. Messrs. William Russell, of Queen-street, Stony Stratford, and Frank Russell, of The Green, Stony Stratford, and people from Loughton rendered all assistance possible, and the unfortunate lady was hastily conveyed to Stony Stratford, where her injuries were treated by a medical man.

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