Shoulder Mutton
History of the Building
The earliest traced landlord of his stone built public house was William Whitmell, who appeared to be licensee during the early 1800's.

During the 1800's the pub was a popular resting place for Welsh cattle drovers on their way to Northampton Market. Later in the 1870's the construction of the Northampton-Rugby Railway loop-line ( click here to visit the Kilsby Tunnel web site) brought in the navvies and their families, increasing the population of Crick by approximately 100 and they adopted the pub as their local drinking hostelry.

Prior to the Second World War, people started to frequent the pub from further afield, now travelling by bus, bicycle or pony and cart to enjoy an evening of music, song and games. At Christmas time the pub was brought alive with singing and dancing.

The war itself brought many changes to the clientele and the running of the pub. Changing attitudes towards women allowed them to venture into the pubs. Along with rationing of food, there was also rationing of beer!

In 1970 the pub was sold as a house.

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