Shoulder of Mutton
Landlords Past and Present
The first written reference to the Shoulder of Mutton was in 1790 when William Whitmell was landlord.

1790 William Whitmell.
1812 Dorothy Whitmell (William's Widow).
1827 Edward & Esther Whitmell (William and Dorothy's Son).
Thomas Hagger.
1847 Thomas Wedding.
1850 Eliza Wedding.
1854 William Bradshaw.
1856 Samuel Bryan
1861 William Jones
1863 William Ilff
1876 Henry Croft
1886 George Croft
1890 John Andrew
1898 Arthur H Letts
1901 W Richardsons, Bennetts Directory, Accommodation for cyclists and comercials. Dinners and Teas to order. Good stabling, ales, stout, wines, spirits and cigars
1903 Harry Cox
1910 Francis Wilson Clarke
1914 Alfred F Rainbow
1920 Mrs Annie Rainbow
1931 Robert Thomas Watts
1936 George William York
1941 George Fox
1959 Drewitt Ltd (Manager James Griffiths)
1970 Sold as private residence.

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