Landlords Past and Present
The first written reference to the Wheatsheaf is in 1770 when John Cooper was landlord.

1770 John Cooper.
1809 Thomas Whitmill.
1816 Edward Sturman.
Thomas Turner.
1840 Thomas Edmonds.
1864 William Turner.
1870 Thomas Adams.
1876 Mrs Elizabeth Clarke
1884 John Whiting
1890 Edwin Plumb
1891 Walter William Lucas
1901 H W Lucas, Bennets Directory Commerical and Posting house, ale and port supplied in casks.Wines, spirits and cigars of the finest quality. Cabs, carriages and horses on hire with careful drivers
1903 Walter William Lucas
1910 Mrs Sarah A Lucas
1911 Mrs S G Lucas
1914 Thomas P Fletcher
1920 Alfred Hull
1924 Charles Bennersley
1928 Algernon Watkin
1936-to present day Robert Thomas Watts

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