Hostelries of Crick
Crick is a village found at the northern border of Northamptonshire close to the Leicestershire and Warwickshire borders. It has a population of approximately 1500, a church - Saint Margaret of Antioch, a primary school, three working pubs and a club.

The following pages describe each working pub: the Red Lion, the Royal Oak and the Wheatsheaf and continue with a short summary of other pubs that have closed over the years, some within living memory, most just a distant memory.Please read and visit our pubs and enjoy.

The pubs have always played a central role in the social life of Crick and this we have tried to explore through interviews.Some interesting facts and stories have been revealed such as the idea of sitting outside which is a new phenomen. It was traditional for many of the villagers on Sunday night to go down to The Grand Union Inn (the Wharf as it was more commonly known.) The children would sit outside with their bottle of pop and packet of crisps containing salt in a blue paper twist. People would go to certain pubs at very regular times, often have a few pints and then move on to the next pub finishing in the pub nearest to home. The pubs within Crick were especially important at Christmas and New Year, particularly The Shoulder of Mutton.