About Us
Karen Hopkins is a wife and mother of two young children attending Crick Primary school. She qualified as a nursery nurse in 1978 and has spent many years working with children with special needs. The clutch club scheme has been exicting and a challenge to Karen. She started the scheme with very few computer skills. She has particularly enjoyed the oral history sessions, scanning and audio editing.

Louise Hardwicke is married with one child and is a dental surgeon. She went on the course hoping to be more computer literate. This has not been fully achieved although she did forge friendships in the village.

Nadia Alton is a mum with one child. The scheme has helped her meet other people and to socialise. She has learnt a lot about Crick pubs. She has learnt how to carry out an interview and how to use a digital camera.

Sue Le Chat is a chartered librarian working in a school library. She has loved working in the team and now realises that there is more to building a web site than first meets the eye.

Liz Foster is married with two children and has lived in the village for nineteen years. She has found the Clutch Club to be both interesting and challenging. However, the enormous commitment required to complete such a task would not have been possible without the support and friendship shown amongst the team members.

Moria Waters is married with three children. She has a degree in nursing and she hopes to return to nursing when the children return to school. Previous computer experience was completing her dissertation. Being part of the Clutch Club scheme has helped her gain some web design skills and taught her alot about team work and the history of her lovely village. It has been an enjoyable and social experience.

Angela Absolon is a qualified primary school teacher with three children. She has made many new friends and enjoyed meeting older members of the Crick community and interviewing them. She feels more confident about using the internet and emailing. She has a better understanding of how websites are made.