From Gruel to Gourmet: The Story of Fegan's Homes for Boys in Stony Stratford

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Franciscan monks occupied the building after the Fegans left it. Now a day and Boarding school, it accomodated up to one hundred boys.
The childern were taught by Priests and Brothers. In keeping with the conventions of Public and Religious schools, all pupils were known by their surnames.

Three brothers Mick, John and Rory Gordon all went to the Franciscan Prep school which took childern as boarders or same-day childern. Mick arrived at the age 5, and stayed until he was 11. John was there between the ages of 10 and13, whilst Rory was at the school from 8-13. The reason these 3 brothers came to the Franciscan was because their father worked for the Foreign Office centre at Hanslope Park and was often sent abroad.


The school was very strict but fair. Mass was conducted every moring and Benediction on sunday or after school. One outstanding event in school life for John was when the swimming pool had to be filled in from the River Ouse by hose there was some uncertainty about this and he recalls praying that it would be and his prayers were answered of course.

He also remembers the TV cameras coming to the school to film the church service in 1964 or 1965.

The boys wore Grey corduroy shorts,with and old fashioned s shaped buckle grey jumpers with ble and yellow stripe around the v-shaped neck, a grey Blazer (only worn on special occasions such a going to church) with a badge with a large cross and on cross in each corner.
On St Franics and St. Antony day the boys all had lemonade.
John left in 1965 and went to the Franciscan College in Buckingham (now known as Buckingham University).
All three brothers went to the Franciscan College and interestingly all are teachers.

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