From Gruel to Gourmet: The Story of Fegan's Homes for Boys in Stony Stratford

Fire damages Fegan's Home
In 1938, extensive damage was caused to the boy's home which resulted in losses to a dormitories, games room and the kitchens.
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Just before 7.00pm on March 30th 1938, a fire started in the Fegan’s Home for Boys in a classroom in the north wing of the building. To this day, the cause of the fire is unknown, as all the staff at that time were non-smokers. When the alarm was raised, approximately 160 boys were marched and sent to the playing fields of the home for safety, where they remained. While the fire fighters from Stony Stratford battled with the blaze the Wolverton Works firefighters were also called to aid the Stony Stratford brigade because of the scale of the fire.
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When the building was used by Fegan's Homes for Boys

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