From Gruel to Gourmet: The Story of Fegan's Homes for Boys in Stony Stratford

End of an era as Fegan's home is sold
After lying empty for some time, a deal is finally done which returns the former Fegan home to being a school again.
The History of the Building
The Life and Times of Mr. Fegan
Daily life at Fegan's Homes
Christmas for Fegan's Boys
Life on the training farm, Goudhurst
Moving On - life for the boys after Fegan's
Fegan's Boys - where are they now?
Contacting Fegan's Homes
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Local newspapers carried headline stories about the developments concerning the use of the building.
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When the building was used by Fegan's Homes for Boys

When the building was sold

When it was a school run by Franciscan Monks

The uses of the building today