From Gruel to Gourmet: The Story of Fegan's Homes for Boys in Stony Stratford
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The History of the Building
The Life and Times of Mr. Fegan
Daily life at Fegan's Homes
Christmas for Fegan's Boys
Life on the training farm, Goudhurst
Moving On - life for the boys after Fegan's
Fegan's Boys - where are they now?
Contacting Fegan's Homes
Useful Links
Here are some internet links which will be of particular interest to people who are researching their family history, particularly if there is need to identify former homes children who migrated from the UK from Canada and other nations closely linked to the UK.

When the topic of child immigrants to Canada is raised many people first think of Barnardo's. Some may know about Annie Macpherson, Maria Rye, Fegan Homes, Dr. Stephenson and
the National Children's Home or even some of the Roman Catholic organizations. Marjorie Kohli, the Site License Coordinator (Information Systems and Technology) at the University of Waterloo in Ontario, Canada, is currently researching all of the organizations which brought children and young women to Canada between 1833 and 1939. This site is a must for anyone who wishes to know more about what became of home children after migrating to Canada.

There's a huge and exhaustive collection of pages (and associated links) in this domain, but for starters check out Young Immigrants to Canada and The Ships They Came On.

The National Archives of Canada contain a huge amount of data which is searchable via the web, and contains information about homes children, the homes they came from, the dates they travelled and the ships they travelled on.

Another useful site is The Orphan Train Collection, the site of the Orphan Train Heritage Society of America Inc., which provides equally invaluable sources.

Also of interest to researchers into homes children from Britain is a website dedicated to Teresa Fisher (1897-1918), a former Barnardos girl who left London on Sept. 19th 1912 aboard the S.S. Sicilian bound for Quebec, arriving Sept. 30th 1912.

The UK Public Record Office (at Kew, London) holds many records regarding emigration to North America after 1776, and some for the United States of America. The chief sources of information are the records of the Colonial Office, and those of the Board of Trade and the Treasury.

Find out about Stony Stratford today in a website produced by members of the CLUTCH Club at Stony Stratford's St. Mary & St. Giles Combined CE School - entitled Little Town on a Big Road.

You can join a mailing list which is designed to help family researchers in their efforts to map the history of homes chilren: (to post a message or for List mode) (Digest mode)

Enter BRITISHHOMECHILDREN and the query page will appear.
- Create an account and choose a password.
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The following is a database of names of various British Home Childern, the ships they sailed on, and the people who are interested in researching particular individuals (and different from the one near the top of the page):

More links will be added as we become aware of them. (Thanks to Marj Kohli, Douglas Fry and others for their invaluable help with these links).