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AGER, Thomas - Curate of Woughton, 1814-1825. Son of William and Mary Ager of Bow Brickhill, born 29th December 1775. Married at Woughton 15th April 1817 to Ann Billington. Signs as Officiating Minister in Milton Keynes in 1825.

ALLNUTT, Percy Riddell - Son in law of Wingfield Fiennes, Rector of Milton Keynes. He was married at Milton Keynes in November 1894, to Winifred Emily Cecil Twisleton Wykeham Fiennes, when he was Vicar of Holy Sepulchre Cambridge. The marriage was annulled in 1909. He signed the parish records as Officiating Minister in 1904

ATTERBURY, Francis- Younger son of Lewis Atterbury, born in Milton Keynes in 1663. He was educated by his father until he was old enough to go to Westminster. He then went on to Christ Church College , Oxford where he gained a B.A in 1684 and an M.A in 1687. This same year (1687) he took Holy orders and soon earned renown as a preacher in London. He lead the campaign for the renewal of convocations ( assemblies of Anglican Churchmen) , which were resumed in 1701. Queen Anne appointed Atterbury Bishop of Rochester and Dean of Westminster in 1713. He assumed that he would recieve The Lord Privy Seal and on this assumption , commissioned a handsome coach . As he was not granted this position the coach became the subject of ridicule. He associated closely with Viscount Bolingbroke, but his Jacobite sympathies cost him the favour of Queen Anne's Hanoverian successor , King George I.In 1717 Atterbury began to hold direct communication with the Jacobites, particularly with the exiled Stuart claimant, James Edward the Old Pretender. Five years later Atterbury was arrested for alleged involvement in a Jacobite plot against George. He was imprisoned in the Tower Of London and eventually exiled to France where he died in Paris March 1732.


ATTERBURY, Lewis - LL.D., Rector of Milton Keynes 1657-1693. Buried at Milton 10th December 1693. His portrait, which used to hang in the Rectory, is reproduced here. Signs as Officiating Minister each year from 1660-1689.

Today he is known as Lewis Atterbury the elder. In 1647 he entered the University of Christ Church, Oxford and took his degree in 1651 by dispensation from Oliver Cromwell, who was then the chancellor of the university. In 1654 he was appointed rector of Great Rissington in Gloucestershire and in 1657 he received the living of Milton Keynes. His titles were confirmed at the Restoration of Charles II. In 1660 he became chaplain to Henry, Duke of Gloucester, the Kings brother, who died of small pox later the same year.

Lewis was a quarrelsome man and his frequent lawsuits involved many visits to London. He was returning from one such visit on Dec 7th 1693 when he fell off his horse and was accidentally drowned, at Broughton Brook near Milton Keynes Village.

BABINGTON, Adam - Previously Rector of Coveney in the Isle of Ely to which he was presented on 4 August 1408, he was instituted Rector of Milton Keynes on 30 April1423 on the presentation of Sir Thomas Chaworth and his wife, Isabella and Humphrey Stafford and Eleanor, his wife, both daughters and heirs of Sir Thomas Aylesbury. Babington died on 8 November 1427 and was buried in the Chancel. The stone marking his death, of a blueish marble and containing an effigy in brass, showing him in his priests vestments can still be seen. This is shown to the right.
BABINGTON, Francis - Rector of Milton Keynes 1559-1565. Said to have originally come from Leicestershire. He entered Christ's College, Cambridge in 1544 and took his B.A. in 1548-1549. In 1551 he was appointed a fellow of St Johns, and became M.A. in 1522. Sometime in 1554-1555 he moved to Oxford and changed his religion, as his name is found on the Roman Catholic articles of belief. By 1558 he had successfully taken his doctorate in divinity. In 1559 Dr Babbington became master of Balliol, which he added to his other livings and offices. At this time he is known to be Rector of at least four parishes, Milton Keynes,Twyford, Sherrington Aldworth and Adstock. In 1560 he was Rector of Lincoln College and later became the trusted advisor of the Earl of Leicester. However, by 1563 he seems to have been losing his patron's favour and had to resign the Rectorship of Lincoln. Two years later he was forces to flee overseas as he was almost unanimously believed to be a supporter of the papacy. The list of Rectors in the church in Milton Keynes shows he 'retired' in 1565. He died abroad in 1569.

BALE, Joseph Challoner - Signs the parish records once, as Curate, in 1757.

BARRY, Alfred - D.D., D.C.L. Canon of Windsor. Assistant Bishop in West London. Born 15th January 1826, died 1st April 1910. Signs once as Officiating Minister at a marriage in 1894.

BATTEN, Chris - part time Methodist Minister in the Walton Parish team.

BENTHALL, John - Vicar of Willen, 1852-1887. Buried at Willen, 6th September 1887, aged 81. He frequently signs the parish records as Officiating Minister from 1856 onwards.

BENTHALL, Octavines Arthur - Son of John Benthall. Curate of Willen. Signs as Officiating Minister in 1886.

BOND, William Henry - Curate of Little Woolstone, 1883-1841, during the absentee rectorships of Thomas Baseley and Francis Rose. Signs as Officiating Minister 1834-1838.

BROMLEY, John - M.A. Rector of Milton Keynes 1964-1977. The Induction service of Reverand Bromley, pictured right, the new Rector of Broughton and Milton Keynes was conducted by the Bishop of Oxford. At that time 'The Bucks Standard' reported that..'Mr Bromley who is married with one daughter will be living at Broughton.