The Ordinary People.

FIELD, Frederick Francis - Rector of Woughton, 1884-1912. Signs the parish records in 1890 as Officiating Minister.

FIELD, George Hawkes, B.A. - Rector of Milton Keynes 1914-1950. Absent from the parish on active service at times during either, or both wars.

FIENNES, The Hon. Wingfield Stratford Twisleton, M.A. - A very imposing name, and judging from his photograph, to the left, and the comments he made in the Parish Magazine a very imposing man. He was Rector of Milton Keynes from1880-1900. The 4th son of the 16th Baron Saye and Sele. Born 1st May 1834, died 10th October 1923. His daughter Winifred Emily Cecil Twisleton Wykeham -Fiennes married Rev. Percy Riddell Allnutt in 1894, but the marriage was annulled in 1909. One brother lived for a time in Milton Keynes, he was in the army, being referred to as Captain Fiennes, he died in November 1896.
Aylesbury Records Office reference

Dawson MSS Vol. 61.

FISHER, John - M.A., Rector of Wavendon, 1805-1846 and of Haversham, 1824-1828. Buried at Wavendon, 27th December 1846, aged 72. Signed the parish records during 1822.

FRANK, Thomas - Signs the parish records as Curate, 1721.


GARDNER, Thomas - Vicar of Willen, 1820-1831; formerly Curate of Willen, Little Woolstone and Stantonbury. Buried at Willen 31st July 1831, aged 62. Signs the registers frequently as Officiating Minister from 1802.

GIBSON, W. - Signs once as Officiating Minister in 1871.

GREEN, John H. - Signs the parish registers in 1856.


HAMDEN, Edmund de ( or Egidius) - Rector of Milton Keynes 11 January 1337, on the presentation of Sir Phillip de Aylesbury, till his death in 1348.

HANMER, Graham - Rector of Simpson, 1777-1807, also held in plurality Rectory of St Bartholomew-by-the-Exchange, London and the Vicarage of Hanmer, CO. Flint. Born 16th January 1754, buried Simpson 28th May 1807. Signs the registers in 1784.

HARPER, Edmund James - M.A., Rector of Broughton, 1910-1925. Died 10th November 1925, aged 81, buried at Broughton. Signs as Officiating Minister in 1916.

HAYWARD, G.T.G. - Signs the parish records as Officiating Minister in 1890.

HILL, Edward - M.A., Rector of Great Woolstone, 1851-1878. Buried at Great Woolstone, 7th October 1878, aged 54. Signs in the parish records in 1855.


IRVING, John William - M.A., Rector of Broughton, 1854-1893, and previously Curate. Died 20th September 1893, aged 85, having served Broughton parish for 50 years. Buried at Broughton. Signed the registers frequently from 1844.