The Ordinary People.

JONES, Alfred - Son of Edward Jones. Baptised at Milton 4th May 1825. Acted as Curate of Milton during the last years of his father's life. Signed the parish registers as Curate 1853-1857.

JONES, Edward - M.A. Rector of Milton Keynes 1821-1857. His wife Elizabeth died in 1837. His daughter Catherine Hester Jones was married in Milton in 1840. Died 19th July 1857, aged 86. His grave was located near the south wall of the chancel, next to the grave of Rev. John Neale Dalton. Signs the parish registers from 1821-1851.

JONES, Edward - M.A., Vicar of Little Brickhill, 1814-1856 at the same time another Edward Jones was Rector of Milton Keynes(1821-1857). Died 1st April 1856, aged 80. Buried at Little Brickhill. Signed the parish records as Officiating Minister at the burial of Elizabeth, the wife of Edward Jones , Rector of Milton Keynes in 1837.

JONES, Edward Inwood - Probably a relation of Edward Jones, Rector of Milton Keynes as he officiated at the marriage of the latter's daughter in 1840.


KEYNES, Walter de - Rector of Milton Keynes 1291-1330. Died 1330, probably built the Chancel as his Coat of Arms was at one time emblazoned in the east window.


LITTLE, Stephen - AKC M.Ed. Rector of Milton Keynes 1977-1982. In actual fact he was not offcially the Rector, he had a Church job covering the whole of Milton Keynes New City, but lived at Broughton Rectory and took services in Milton Keynes village,

LLOYD, Lewis H - Signs the parish records once as Officiating Minister in 1891.

LORAINE, Lambton - LL.B Rector of Milton Keynes 1802-1821. Third son of Sir Charles Loraine, 3rd Bart. Born 21st May 1752; died 3rd July 1821. Buried with his wife, Isabella(died 1818), in a vault in the Church. His two daughters, Isabella Charlotte and Georgiana, were both married in the Church. Another daughter, Dorothy Jane, was his eldest and married Captain J.N. Baldwin, Royal Navy. She was buried in the North Chapel 7 April 1832, where there is a commerative plaque.

LORAINE-SMITH, Loraine - Rector of Passenham, Northants. In 1818 he married Isabella Charlotte Loraine, daughter of Rev. Lambton Loraine. He also acted as Officiating Minister at the marriage of his other daughter Georgiana Loraine in 1819.

LOWNDES, Robert - LL.B. Rector of North Crawley, 1798-1837. Born 14th June 1770, died 23rd September 1837. Buried at North Crawley. Signs the parish records from 1805 onwards.

LOWTH, John - M.A. Rector of Milton Keynes 1753-1761. Died 4th January 1861, aged 53.

LOWTH, John - Son of Rev. John Lowth. Acted as Curate of Milton Keynes and signs as such 1763-1766.

LUNN, David - B.Sc(Eng).,B.A., Dip. Th. Team Rector of Walton Parish from 1993-now. Also in the team are David K. Mieff, Susan Staff, Stuart Dennis, Chris Batten and Father John Danford.

LUXMORE, C.C. - Rector of Broughton, 1893-1900. Edited the Parish magazine with Rev Wingfield Fiennes. Signs the registers in 1897.


MEGIN, John - Instituted 4 September 1404 on the presentation of John de Aylesbury. Rector of Milton Keynes until his death in 1423.

MIEFF, David K. - B.Sc.,M.A., Ph.D. Team Vicar in Walton Parish from 1991-1996.

MITCHISON, Richard Stovin - Curate of Newport Pagnell, 1912-1917 and afterwards Rector of Barby, Northants. Signs the Parish Records as Officiating Minister in 1918.

MORLEY, George - Vicar of Newport Pagnell, 1832-1865. Signs the parish records as Officiating Minister from 1833-1841.

MORRIS, Albert J.T. - Signs the parish records as Curate 1855.

MORRIS, H.B. - Signs in the parish records as Officiating Minister in 1914.