The Ordinary People.

SEARLE, C - Signs the Parish Records as Officiating Minister in 1855.

SKETCHLEY, H.P. - Curate in charge of Great Woolstone in the period between the Rectorships of HT Inman and HW Smith(of that Parish). Signs the Parish Registers as Officiating Minister in 1892.

SMITH, Adam Clarke - Signs the Parish Records as Curate 1850-1852.

SMITH, Charles Penswick - Rector of Great Woolstone 1878-1885. Signs as Officiating Minister in the Parish Records from 1880-1892.

SMITH, Edward - Signs as Curate in the Parish Records in 1751.

SMITH, Hugh William - Rector of Great Woolstone 1895-1926. Buried at Little Woolstone 21 December 1926. Signs in the Parish Records as Officiating Minister in 1902.

SMITH ,Ralph(Rodolphus) - Rector of Milton Keynes 1585-1638. Buried at Milton, 31 May 1638. Signs at the foot of each page of the Parish Registers as Rod Smith or Rodolphus Smith, from 1573-1600.

SMITH, Ralph - Rector of Milton Keynes 1638-1657. Son of Ralph (Rodolphus) Smith, listed above.

STAFF, Susan - B.A. Team Vicar in Walton Parish from 1997-now.

STEELE, Charles - Vicar of Swinton 1916-1921. Vicar of Scunthorpe from 1921. Canon of Lincoln. Signs in the Parish Records in 1916 and 1918.

STORTFORD, Roger de - Instituted Rector of Milton Keynes 2 October 1361 on the presentation of John de Aylesbury.


TANNER, Charles N - Curate of Broughton. Signs in the Parish Records as Officiating Minister in 1890.

TAYLOR, R.H. - D.D. Vicar of Willen 1898-1903. Signs as Officiating Minister in the Parish Register 1901-1902.

TAYLOR, William Robert - of Chicheley Grange. At one time he was organist in the church. He died and was interred in Las Palmas, Grand Canary in March 1891, aged 32. There is a commerative plaque in the North Chapel.

TOURS, William de - Rector of Milton Keynes 4 September 1349 until his death in 1361. He was presented by the King, Edward III, owing to the minority of Thomas Aylesbury, Lord of the Manor.


WALKER, R. Graves - Signs as Officiating Minister in the Parish Records in 1886.

WALKER, Thomas - Roman Catholic Priest of Wolverton. Officiated at the funeral of a Belgian refugee in 1915.

WALLER, Robert - The Parish Records bear his signature from 1850 onwards.

WALLINGFORD, Peter de - Instituted on 3 December 1330 on the presentation of Sir Phillip de Aylesbury. Died 1337.

WATKIN, John Burton - Vicar of Little Brickhill 1779-1814. Signs the Parish Records as Curate from 1769-1773 and 1775-1780.

WEBBER, A.C. - Signs the Parish Records as Officiating Minister in 1893.

WELLS, John - As Curate signs in the Parish Records 1716-1718.

WILSON, F.G. - Signs the Parish Records in 1865 as Officiating Minister.

WILLIS, Browne -

WITHERS (or WYTHER), Robert - Vicar of Willen 1607-1653. Signs in Milton Parish Records as Officiating Minister for one marriage in 1615.

WOODWARD, Robert - Curate of Willen 1784-1799. Signs most of the entries in the Parish Registers from 1782-1799.

WOTTON, William - Rector of Milton Keynes 1692-1727. Second son of Henry Wotton he was born in Wrentham, Suffolk on 13 August 1666. His father strongly believed in the rigorous education of his children, and by the age of five he could read English, Latin, Greek and Hebrew. He was admitted to Catharine Hall, Cambridge in 1676, before his tenth birthday. Subsequently he got a fellowship at St John's College Cambridge and he graduated M.A. in 1683, and B.D. in 1691. He was elected F.R.S. in 1687. Given preferment for his many scholarly works in 1691 he was given the living of Llandrill-yn-Rhos, Denbyshire. Later he became Chaplain to Daniel Finch, Second Earl of Nottingham and a little later Rector of Middleton Keynes. He built the present Rectory house in Milton. During a considerable part of his incumbancy he was an absentee and in 1714 he retired to Wales assisting Browne Willis in his historical work. He occassionally signs the Parish Records between 1694-1712. He died and was buried at Buxted, Surrey 13 February 1727. During his lifetime, and indeed afterwards, he had many works published. He counted amongst his friends Browne Willis, Richard Bentley and Sir Isaac Newton. He married Anne Hammond, of St Albans Court, nr Canterbury and left one daughter on his death Anne (1700-1783) who married William Clark(1696-1771).