Bird Family History
This is a photograh from left to right showing Harold Kemish Bird,Minnie Bird,John Gregory Bird (sailor) and Harold Kemish jnr
The Bird family was huge they lived in Number 22 from about 1742. Although the family within Milton Keynes village died fairly recently many surviving relatives live within this area.
Another photograph showing John Gregory Bird,who obviously served on H M S Pembroke.
In 1985 architects working drawings were found on the first floor of the carpenters' workshop. They dated from the 1840's and are of carpentry designs for the Palace of Westminster. Over 50 drawings were discovered and due to their value donated to The House of Lords Records office for their collection. It is thought that the plans had been taken as a souvenir by the Bird brothers whilst working in London, we don't think they actually did the carpentry work themselves. We have been lucky enough to get a couple of photocopied items from the records office as seen below.
This is a Bird Family bible owned by Mrs Muriel Lester the inscription shows it originally belonged to Eliza Bird in 1884
This is Muriel Bird aged around 2, her Uncle John Giles Bird carved the frame especially to put this treasured photograph in. Mrs. Lester's granfather was Thomas Henry Bird of Old Bradwell.
Inside number 22 the carpenters' have carved their names into the old brickwork near the door frame.
This face has also been carved into an interior doorway of Birds' Cottage