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CAMPBELL, The Hon. Nigel, M.A. - Rector of Milton Keynes 1910-1914. Aferwards Curate of St Martins-in-the-Fields, London.

CAUTLEY, Josiah - Curate of Broughton, afterwards Vicar of Thorney, nr Peterborough. Son of Richard Cautley. Signs as Officiating Minister in the parish records in 1834 and 1883.

CAUTLEY, Richard - Curate of Moulsoe, 1815-1831, Rector of Moulsoe 1831-1842. Died 1842 aged 79, buried in the Chancel at Moulsoe. Signs the parish records as Officiating Minister frequently from 1815.

CHAPMAN, Robert - M.A. Rector of Little Woolstone, 1742-1764, also of Great Linford, 1755-1764; Vicar of Ravenstone, 1764-1785. Died 15th October 1785, buried at Ravenstone. Signs the parish records in 1762 as Officiating Minister.

CHEYNE, John Franklin - B.E.M., C.Th. Rector of Milton Keynes 1950-1960. The last Rector to live in the Rectory. During this period the parish was combined with that of nearby Broughton.

COTTON, Norman - Rector of Milton Keynes 1982-1992. During this period the parish combined with Wavendon. Later it became an Ecumenical Parish, Walton Parish, including most of the eastern part of the New City.

DALTON, John M. - Son of John Neale Dalton, signs the parish records in 1878.

DALTON, John Neale - Rector of Milton Keynes 1857-1880. Buried at Milton Keynes 4th February 1880, aged 71. Grave was in the churchyard near the South wall of the chancel.

DANFORD, Father John - Catholic Priest in the Walton Parish team.

DAY, Thomas - Signs the parish records as Curate 1723-1726.

DENNIS, Stuart - Baptist Minister in the Walton Parish team.

DERING, Heneage - D.D., Rector of Milton Keynes 1761-1802. Prebendary of Canterbury. The youngest son of Heneage Dering LL.D. the antiquary (1665-1750) and Anne, eldest daughter of Archbishop Sharp. Interestingly Christopher Dering, his grandfather, was secretary to Heneage Finch, Chancellor of England and Earl of Nottingham. As Rector he seems to have been mainly non resident, and signs the parish records only at rare intervals. Died 17th May 1802, aged 82. Buried at Milton Keynes.

DICEY, Edward - Rector of Walton, 1751-1790. Often mentioned in William Cole's Diary. Signs the parish records in 1765.

DRAKE, Joseph - Rector of Milton Keynes 1744-1752. Signs the parish records as Officiating Minister in 1727 and 1728, and also from 1744-1750.

DU BOULAY, William T. - Vicar of St Mary's, The Boltons, London. Signs once as Officiating Minister in 1899.


EDWARDS, William - S.T.P. Rector of Milton Keynes 1727-1744. Canon of Lincoln. Died 10th June 1744, aged 54, buried at Milton Keynes. Epitaph, in Latin, in North Chapel.

EVANS, D. Morgan - Rector of Moulsoe. He also looked after Milton Keynes and Broughton from 1961-1964. In 1964 when reporting the Induction service of Reverand John Bromley 'The Bucks Standard' said 'For the past four and a half years, Rev. D. Morgan Evans has been the Rector of the two parishes. Through the columns of 'The Bucks Standard', Mr Morgan Evans would like to thank all the families in the two villages who contributed to his parting gift.'