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Oliver Wells School

Trevor Jeavons
Oliver Wells school also helped out local charities by giving them a room to use as an office. Milton Keynes council for the disabled had an office in the building, Trevor was their first chairman. Crossroads care in the home was able to start their charity by using a room in the school. The toy library also had a room.

Johnny Dankworth and Cleo Lane officially opened the school a year later.

Alan Councell, who himself has cerebral palsy, took some of the children on holiday to USA, Spain etc. and every year took all of the children on a canal trip, no one was discounted because of their disability. Barry Norman presented the school with money from the premier of a Sylvester Stallone Film. With which they were able to buy the school bus. Later they also received money from the premier of Superman.
Scot meat social club used to raise a lot of money for the school and a lot of the workers used to pop in and help out.

The Barrell bikers used to borrow pub signs and ransom the signs back to the land lords to raise money for the school. They also used to turn up every Easter with an easter egg for every child, they also used to take the children for bike rides around the playground.

Every year at christmas the teachers and parents and siblings used to put on a pantomime for the children, a good time was had by all.
Every summer they had fundays to help raise money for much needed equipment.

Trevor was the only Head teacher at Oliver Wells School until his retirement from teaching in 1989.
Helen Johnson then became acting Head teacher and then a short time later Kathy Blanchard became acting head until the school closed in 1993. The pupils moved to Queens school in

Trevor really enjoyed his work at Oliver Wells school, and is now a senior art therapist in
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