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Oliver Wells School

Trevor Jeavons
Mr Trevor Jeavons was acting head teacher of Meldreth Manor school, spastic society residential school, for 3 years when he saw an advert for a new school and resource centre in the new town of Milton Keynes in 1978. To his surprise he got the job and moved his family from Royston to Milton Keynes.

He was on his own with just the caretaker for company for the first term, which enabled him to look at other schools in Milton Keynes on his bicycle.

No one from the council had asked the Wells family if they could use the name of Oliver Wells as the name of the school, so Trevor Jeavons took it upon himself to ask the family if they could use his name, and was delighted to be told yes. That was when he met Fred Wells, the son of Oliver, who took a warm and generous interest in the school and it’s pupils and often helped out at the school.
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