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Redway School

In April 1993 Oliver Wells School and Queens Schools closed and The Redway School opened.

For the Summer Term 1993 the new school worked on the Bletchley (Queens) and Netherfield (Oliver Wells) sites before everyone came together in Whalley Drive, Bletchley in September 1993.

There was a great deal of overcrowding; Terrapin temporary classrooms were brought in to provide more space. The plan was that we would all move back to Netherfield in April 1995 after that site was extended and refurbished for us.

Unfortunately the school planners (architects and education officers) from Buckinghamshire County Council made a number of major mistakes in their design work. The Department for Education and Employment in London rejected the final plans. The building project had to go right back to the drawing board. The design brief had to be reviewed and revised. Parents, staff, governors (and some pupils) were fully consulted as new plans were put together.

Eventually builders started on the new site in December 1995, nearly two years late, and we all moved back to Netherfield in April 1997, some four years after The Redway School opened.

Pupils at The Redway School benefited greatly from the introduction of the National Curriculum
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