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Oliver Wells School

Oliver Wells School was named after a gentleman who lived in the Bletchley area. Born January 1874, He attended the Church Green Road school between the ages of 7 to 10.

As a young man he worked on the railway as a locomotive fireman. At the age of 26 he suffered a terrible accident on the railway which resulted in him losing both his legs. 12 months later he married the girl he had courted since he was 19.

After the accident he left the railway, and for 15 years had his own business as a boot and shoe repairer in Duncombe Street where his 2 daughters and 3 sons were born.

All his life he had a great thirst for knowledge and eventually this largely self educated man was considered to have the qualifications fitting him for co option to the North Bucks Divisional Education Committee.

At the age of 67 he learnt to ride a motor cycle and sidecar in order to become mobile. He carried on riding it until his 82nd birthday.
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