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Oliver Wells School

This is a photograph of the Oliver Wells school in the 1970s
Barry Norman presenting a cheque from a film premiere. The money raised went towards a new minibus for the school.
Johnny Dankworth and Cleo Lane at a fete held at the Oliver Wells school
Jenny Abbott Paediatric Physiotherapist

Treatments, clinics and advice were given at both Queens school and Oliver Wells school.
When Jenny first started in Milton Keynes, she joined a team of one full time and two part time physiotherapists. Jenny was one of the part timers spending most of my hours in Queens school.
The hospital had just been opened, but the childrens ward was still in the process of being built. Most of the children went for follow up consultations and specialist appointments over at Stoke Mandeville Hospital Aylesbury. Orthoptics did take place at Queens and Oliver Wells. Some of the children had to wear calipers which were heavy and cumbersome.

Hydrotherapy sessions for Oliver Wells, with carefull transport planning took place at the Hospital pool. Physiotherapists took the driving test and were able to drive the bus.
Having the pool at The Redway school has been a bonus for the children. The move to the new school which was designed and purpose built was welcomed by the paediatric physiotherapists.
May I wish all children and staff at The Redway school all the very best for the future.

Jenny Abbott
Paediatric Support Physio
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