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The Lavendon Clutch Club was conceived by Tim Bedward, a school governor responsible for community links.

He managed to attract volunteers in Kate Porter, Susan Dean, Nadean Tomsett, Sharon Rogers and Tim Usher.

We are all parents with children at the village school, and are interested in our local history and the technology involved in designing, building and launching our very own website.

We have collected a wide range of material, including recording people talking about the village to copying photos, school registers, poems and just chatting on the street and picking peoples brains!

Were you born in the village or did you live here during the years 1918-1939? You may be amazed at the things we have found - if you have anything to add please let us know. We are hoping to carry on this project for some time to come, so this could be your chance to show someone on the other side of the world your history.

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