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Lois Taylor's sweet shop
Creed's Post Office and shop Ellesmere Stores on the High Street
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The ladies of the village shopped every day, especially for food because they had no fridges or freezers to keep the food fresh. The butcher was the only person in the village with a meat safe or a freezer.

Food was always sold fresh on the day.

During the 1920's Lavendon had eight fairsized shops which sold groceries, sweets and things to wear. (According to written record there were seventeen shops in total!). The Co-op opened a shop in Northampton Road but after a year or so closed it. The Harley family had a general goods store in Northampton Road. They also had a dairy at the back of the shop where they made butter, which was sold in the shop.

There were also three little shops that sold sweets, fruit and other small things. These were in Harrold Road, Olney Road and New Row. There was another shop in Northampton Road which sold everything for motorbikes and bicycles.

Cyril Creed, kept the shop next door to the Post Office on Olney Road, took over the Post Office when Mr Glasscock retired and eventually moved it onto the High Street, next door to Ellesmere Stores.