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St Michael's Parish Church
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St Michael's Parish Church was originally St Mary the Church Virgin, parts of which date from the 11th Century. The dedication was changed from St Mary to St Michael in 1923. It is believed that the reason for this was due to there being another St Mary's in the parish at Cold Brayfield. The Reverend Fermor Leggatt was the minister here from 1933. During this time the oil lamps in the church were replaced by electricity. It cost £32.

Lavendon's Parish Church enjoyed the presence of many clergymen. The most notable the Reverend Poachim Soames, died on Good Friday 1918 in his chair at the Rectory. He was found when he was absent from the Good Friday services.

The Reverend Davis died in the bell tower of the church and had to be lowered on a rope.

Sunday School was on Sunday afternoons. With the Village School being a Church School most of the teachers either attended Church services and played the organ or taught at the Sunday School.

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Union Chapel
Union Chapel on the High Street

During the late 1920's the Union Chapel became an independent Church serving the growing Baptist and Congregationalist community. The preachers were from all denominations, the most regular being from the Olney Sutcliffe Church and the Olney Congregational Church.

Methodist Church
Lavendon Methodist Hall on Olney Road

We have not been able to trace the history of this Church only its demise! It was knocked down and the Gola Factory was built on the site (currently Tusting's Leather Warehouse). The Lavendon Branch of the St Johns Ambulance used the building as their meeting place.

If you have any information on this Church we'd love to hear from you.